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Black Cats and Top Hats
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A2A ♥ Gene carry me

Theories, quotes and best of all lots of pictures!
Spoilers for Series 3 up to episode 2

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14th-Jul-2009 01:08 am - Alan Rickman B&W PICSPAM
Harry Potter ♫ Snape

I've wanted to post a picspam for ages, but i've not really had the inspiration. Today however, Mr. Rickman gave me that inspiration. I've become a little obsessed with black and white photography recently, and seeing as Alan looks so damn gorgeous in those shades i thought i'd gather up some of my favourites B&W's of him, and edit a few others. So click the cut and brace yourself for some dark little beauties!

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A2A ♥ Galex love

Theories, quotes and best of all lots of pictures.
Spoilers for series two.

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