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Black Cats and Top Hats
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26th-Oct-2010 09:07 pm - Practical jokes, Sherlock style.
Sherlock / WTF!
While i was staying with blood_skittles and emely_chan in Brighton, Skitty made the mistake of going for a shower (she always takes bloody hours in the shower..) Me and Emely_Chan decided to cover her room in post-it-notes. Here are some photos of the destruction we left behind.

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Yes. We are crazy.
16th-Sep-2010 01:24 am - Friends Only
Anchorman / Good i look!
This journal is friends only.

When i say friends, i mean people on the internet who have similar interests to mine; so if you think we have something in common drop me a comment and i'll add you.

Easy peasy.

17th-Jun-2010 04:01 pm - Ashes to Ashes Kink Meme.
A2A ♥ Gene carry me

HOW TO: ANONYMOUSLY post a pairing and kink request. Anything is welcome here; it's anonymous! Please also include some information or prompts you'd like to see in completed fics. One request per comment. If you make a request, please try and fulfill one as well to keep this meme active!

This is a kink meme, so remember to include the particular kink you want to be fulfilled. If you can't think of anything there is always Eliade's Kinky List and Situational Cliches to inspire you.
bad request Anything Ray/Chris.
good request: Ray/Chris. Angst. After Ray discovers that Chris has betrayed the guv and himself he punishes him. Handcuffs!
When you complete a request please reply anonymously.
Write something like "fic" in the subject line so people can find your reply easily. Requests can be filled out more than once. Replies are not restricted to just fic, if you'd like to draw or otherwise, feel free!

SPOILERS: There will be spoilers here. No need to post spoiler warnings unless you could be spoiling other fandoms. (For example, when completing a crossover request.)

Remember, always post anonymously even if you're just leaving feedback or discussing a request/kink. Please be considerate, no rudeness, no bashing. We're a civilized fandom so i know that won't happen!

Finally, please pimp this meme at your own journal or any communities you’re a part of that might be interested. It’s more fun when more people are involved!

- - - - - - - - - - -


All CID play a game of strip poker.


Gene/Alex. In the Quattro, and Gene keeps the gloves on.

Gene/Alex/Keats. Anything you can do, I can do better.

Alex/Gene - blowjob with friction.

Gene/Alex. Frottage - coming without being touched.

Gene/Alex. Frottage - coming without being touched.(2)

Gene/Alex. Breath play using one of Gene's neckties.

Alex/Gene. Down and dirty in a seedy alley, after hours. Fur coat & stockings.

Gene/Alex. Alex belongs to Gene for 24hrs and Gene has Alex on a leash!

Gene/Sam, Gene/Alex. Alex walks in on Gene masturbating over Sam's leather jacket.

NEW! Gene/Alex - bite marks.


Alex/Keats, exhibitionism, voyeurism and/or public sex.

Alex/Keats. Gene watches.

Alex/Keats. Quickie on the CID kitchen counter.
& sequel Alex/Keats. In Gene's office, and Gene's due back any minute...

Alex/Keats, one more log on the fire of Alex's daddy issues.

Alex/Keats, one more log on the fire of Alex's daddy issues.(2)

Alex/Keats, one more log on the fire of Alex's daddy issues.(3)

Jim/Alex, with Jim playing a submissive role for once.


Alex/Shaz. Shaz needs to be taught how.

Alex/Shaz. Alex accepts an invitation.

???/Alex. Someone watches Alex masturbate and decides to give her a hand.


Gene/Keats - they're both masters of dominance games.


Ray/Shaz, Ray in handcuffs.


Alex/Sam. Coulrophobia.


Jim/Ray, breath play.


Jim/Louise, slave training.

Jim/Louise, slave training. (2)

A2A ♥ Gene is FIT

Theories, quotes and best of all lots of pictures!
Spoilers for Series 3 up to episode 5

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